Monday, November 29, 2010

Lazy Weekend

There are three things I always want when I am sick. Movies/TV, soup of some kind (Thai tom kha gai is always my first choice, but chicken noodle will do in a pinch), and my mother. At least I got two of those this weekend.

Yes, I spent the weekend in the house, feeling pretty yucky. It started on Thursday night. After having a nice Thanksgiving chat with the family on Skype, I headed out to the Little Rock Cafe, which is a local bar (in a really cool old mansion) with darts and pool tables and such where my expat friends and I like to hang out, I think because it's the closest thing we have in Valenciennes to an American bar or British pub. I had a couple of drinks, but not too many, because I work at 8:30am on Fridays. So I was a good girl, home by 11:15 and in bed by midnight, but I woke up around 2am and could not for the life of me get back to sleep. Some of you may have seen my disgruntled Facebook statuses about this. I tossed and turned, counted sheep, read, Facebooked, took some Benedryl, and nothing was working. And the longer I stayed awake, the more I noticed that my body was beginning to ache and my head was getting stuffy, and I was just generally feeling crummy. Finally at 7am I decided work wasn't going to happen for me, so I sent emails to the appropriate people, popped a couple more Benedryl, and tried again to sleep. I think I finally fell asleep around 8:30am on Friday, right as I should have been walking into work.

I woke up late Friday afternoon, feeling even worse. Not really like I had the flu, but not like a cold either. I was stuffy but had no cough, achy but no nausea. And TIRED. Like I couldn't possibly sleep enough. So that's what I did, pretty much for the rest of the weekend. I slept whenever I felt like sleeping, and when I was awake I got caught up on all of the Harry Potter movies and reread the 7th book so that I can see the movie when I get home. By yesterday evening I was feeling better and a little restless, so I took a walk around town. All the Christmas decorations are up now and it was really nice. Now today I'm back to work, trying to tackle a massive to-do list, and counting down the days til I'm home for the holidays!

Sorry it's not much of an update, but I'm going to the big Christmas market in Lille this upcoming weekend, so I should have lots to say and some pictures to share next week!

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