Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things I have noticed about France

1. Parking spaces, stop lights, crosswalks, and general rules of traffic/pedestrian interaction are optional.
2. No Pandora (Boo!).
3. Most restaurants give a discount for "plats emporter" (carry-out).
4. Gypsies do exist.
5. A good internet connection is a gold mine.
6. Bad American TV, even when dubbed in French, is still bad American TV.
7. American fashion aspires to be French, French fashion aspires to be American.
8. Butter on everything (Mmmmm).
9. Despite what I'd been told, most people do NOT speak English (this is ok with me most of the time).
10. Interracial and gay relationships are much more common and accepted (we should all think this way).
11. Hotels charge an arm and a leg for food, but also disallow you from eating in your room (I do it anyway).
12. McDonald's, Subway, Pizza Hut, Domino's.
13. Homeless people are just as ubiquitous as in the US, but don't swear at you when you ignore them.
14. Apparently I look like I fit in, because people ask me for directions all the time.
15. Lots of Buckeye trees, which remind me of home.

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